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The type of content that you deliver is what drives potential customers to your business.  

With Lexplans Content Strategy, I take the time to understand your pain points and deliver a plan that will consistently put your brand in front of your customers and drive buying decisions.

We will look into optimizing multiple outreach sources that include organic, paid, traditional, and digital objectives. The goal here is to create a plan that is both relevant to your business as well as to your prospects by delivering  a message they want to hear and see. 

Services in this product include: 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Management
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content Audit


Service Details

Marketing Automation

Set it and leave it with our marketing automation services. We will be able to plan ahead of schedule with content campaigns that include email, social, and your website.

Social Media Management

Have a consistent social media page that matches with your brand strategy.  An organic engagement strategy will be key to creating personable relationships with your prospects

Editorial Calendar

Have a fully detailed calendar of promotional messages, thought leadership, upcoming events, and more. See what is scheduled and organize your company tasks 

Content Audit

We'll develop a content strategy periodically to analyze, plan, and create the best types of content for your business. 

Drive Measurable Results With A Content Strategy

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